BOOK FOR 2021 AT 2020 RATES!

Every year it is common to have prices increase mainly due to rising costs. Wedding venues are not immune to this – except Enchanted Ranch! Yes, our Fall promotion lets you book your 2021 event at 2020 rates! Those increased prices will not affect you at all. If you have not been out to see us, or it has been a while connect us to day and book a tour. See how you can save today.


The amount spent on an average event is between $3-5k.  Our lowest price begins at $2000 and our highest rate for Saturdays is $6500 (basically the most that you will ever pay).  We have rates everywhere in between depending on the day of the week you choose.


You can make a reservation with as little as $1000 down towards your date.
(Some promotions have seen the reservation fee as little as $500).


We are always running special offers during different times during the year. When you contact us we will make sure that you receive that same day a brochure that includes full pricing options and a complete list of what is included in your rental.

We know that email can be a nuisance so we promise not to share your info or spam you.