(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Are you available for my date and what is the price?
Answer: There is a calendar on the website that is up to date with current availability. This is where the pricing can be found.

Question: How long can I rent the venue?
Answer: You are able to rent the venue for (12) hours. You will be the only event on the property that day. We do have a hard cutoff at 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Your (12) hours does include the one hour after the event for all the vendors to clean up.

Question: Can I bring my own caterer or food truck?
Answer: Yes you can. We are the perfect venue for that DIY couple or group. We encourage you to bring your own vendors to help make your day as special as possible. Remember that all vendors must provide insurance.

Question: Do I need to provide tables, chairs, and linens?
Answer: No. We have indoor and outdoor chairs for up to (300) people and tables for up to (300) people. The tables do not come with  linens so you would have to provide them. This is something that most caterers will provide.

Question: Do I need to setup tables and chairs?
Answer: No. We will do that for you based on your designed floor plan. The final floor plan is due (3) days before the event. We will also take care of putting away all chairs and tables as well!

Question: Do we need to provide a bartender?
Answer: No. If you are having alcohol for your reception or party we need to provide the bartender(s). The price for them is $225/each. They will be there for (6) hours. You can bring your own alcohol but you would need to give it to the bartender(s) when you arrive. We do have a special email we send you regarding alcohol.

Question: Are there any “secret” charges that I cannot see?
Answer: No secret fees. We do have a $750 standard usage fee that is due before the last payment is made. This fee to cover anything that gets broken or if the facility is not left the way you found it. Provided everything is ok this fee is returned within (5-7) business days.

Question: Are there any restrictions
Answer: For the most part we are very flexibile, however, there are a couple of things that we will have a hard time allowing:

  • Fireworks
  • Chinese floating laterns
  • Rose pedals
  • Confetti of any kind (canon or Mexican egg)
  • Rice